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🎅🏽 Your Holiday Gift Guide🎁

We're making it easy to shop better this holiday season by curating a list of innovative products from responsible brands who are changing the world. Together with our partner Maavee, a wellness platform focused on making a positive impact on the world, we've done the research, decoded the certifications, and discovered cleaner, healthier, cooler products at every price point. 🌎🎄

Beautiful, reusable food storage

Meli Wraps creates high quality reusable beeswax wraps for food storage. Their prints are done in-house, inspired by Hawaii, and are known for their quality and longevity. They can also be washed and reused up to 150x! 

Let’s disrupt the single-use industry

LastObject makes high-quality, reusable products that outlast, outsmart, and outperform single-use items so that we can do our part for the environment together.

Part bicycle, part philosophy

Retrospec bridges the gap between comfort and the great outdoors. Dedicated to inclusivity, they ensure everyone feels at home outside. Experience the beauty of the world, embracing diversity and shared adventures with Retrospec.

Your daily shower...reimagined

Fueled by smart technology, thoughtful design, and a deep commitment to sustainability, Hai is revolutionizing wellness through water and aromatherapy with essential oil infusions to get you energized or ready for bed. They are a movement to help you understand your own environmental impact, with their users committing to saving 30% more water than the average showerer.

Clean and simple products for the home

The Nellie's brand was inspired by Nellie! That's right, she was a real person with real values, who believed in honesty and simplicity and was going 'green' LONG before the color was cool. It was these beliefs that inspired the company's founder, Nellie's actual son, to build an entire company honoring his late mother.

Single-use over-the-counter medicines

Cabinet Health is a sustainable healthcare company that makes and sells the world’s first refillable medicine system for over-the-counter medicines and supplements in pursuit of their mission to eliminate single-use plastic in medicine.

Toilet paper that is better for you and the planet

Bumroll is the toilet paper that reinvests in the environment, offering premium, earth friendly, 100% recycled toilet paper. All products are free of chlorine, perfume, and plastic. They support local communities in California with inclusive manufacturing jobs, reinvest in the environment by planting trees, and give 2% of profits to the National Forest Foundation’s “50 Million For Our Forests” campaign. 

Filtration proven to protect your health

Pure Water, Pure Life! Clearly Filtered believes in water free from toxins and contamination. Meticulously crafted for style and functionality, their double-wall vacuum insulated bottles use advanced filtration technology to ensure you can drink with confidence.

It's a lunchbox...and a statement

Modern Picnic was launched in 2018 with the mission to provide women with a chic and sustainable alternative to the traditional lunchbox. They are a brand that is built on a foundation of functionality and sustainability, reducing single use plastic and food waste through their products.

Southern wood with a story and a purpose

Alabama Sawyer designs modern, environmentally sustainable products made from fallen trees in the Birmingham, Alabama area. They have diverted hundreds of logs from entering the landfill by transforming them into award-winning furniture and products for homes and businesses.

Breath fresh, live pure, be green

Briiv is much more than your standard air purifier. Crafted with a commitment to the environment, Briiv seamlessly integrates into your living space to provide clean air through its plant-powered filtration. Made using natural and recyclable materials, a filter made of moss and coconut, and personalized control, choose Briiv for a breath of fresh air.

Care for yourself from the inside out

On a mission to preserve biodiversity, Kaibae harnesses the power of nature and the mighty Baobab tree. They offer a range of natural skincare products devoted to enhancing beauty through the purest botanicals, and ingestibles to promote health from the inside out. 

Crafted with purpose, worn with pride

A better bag for a better world! Parker Clay crafts premium leather bags to provide dignified employment and uplift women out of exploitation. Parker Clay promotes better bags and better production to make a better world. Parker Clay believes being an ethical brand shouldn't be rewarded, it should be the standard.

Unleashing the power of nature

True Moringa is a black & woman-owned company on a mission to use underutilized superfoods to create wealth for women and farming families in Ghana. They create skincare and wellness powered by the superfood moringa tree, which boasts 92 essential nutrients and 46 antioxidants, with benefits for health and glowing skin. 

Elevate everyday routines

Aarke is a Swedish design company that creates premium sustainable home essentials, engineered to elevate everyday routines. They build products that last for years to come through a slow and mindful product development process. Their first product, the Aarke Carbonator, can replace thousands of single-use plastic bottles. So you can have more bubbles, and less plastic! They give water bubbles, delicious flavors, state-of-the-art pureness, and the ability to lead a more sustainable lifestyle.

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