About Briiv:

Briiv was founded from the disillusion seen in the lack of innovation in sustainable technology, especially in the home appliance category. The founders tasked themselves with putting eco-friendly materials and circular design at the forefront of product creation. 

The aim of the company is to re-engineer modern appliances with recyclable and biodegradable materials, to offer a planet-saving alternative that is also beautifully designed in the process. Briiv is always aiming to champion never before developed technologies and processes, and to shift the industry focus to more sustainable methodologies, forever.

Why we love them:

I love Briiv because beyond the efficacy, they have one of the most beautiful and innovative air purifiers I’ve ever seen! 1 Briiv offers the same air cleaning power of having 3,043 medium house plants (without the hassle). They use sustainably sourced moss, coconut, wood carbon, elephant grass, hemp, cork, and more amongst a longer list of incredibly unique materials. Briiv is something you want to have front and center in your home. 

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