About Clearly Filtered:

Clearly Filtered was founded with the belief that water shouldn't contain harmful chemicals, toxic heavy metals, or any other form of contamination. They are on a mission to provide people with the tools to take control of their water and live healthier lives. It's a lot easier to remove contaminants from the water you drink than to remove disease once it has entered the body. No one should have to worry about whether or not their tap water is truly clean and safe enough to drink.

Why we love them:

We love Clearly Filtered because of their meticulous filtration technology. Affinity Filtration uses a unique dual-technology that can remove up to 99.9% of 365+ contaminants, so you can feel confident about drinking actually clean water. Beyond the science, their entire product assortment advocates for the stop of single use plastics. They have saved over 450 million plastic bottles from entering our landfills, and counting! They also use their voice to promote ways we can all live more sustainably, and promote diversity and inclusion through their socials. The Motivational Glass Water Bottle is my personal favorite, as I’m notoriously bad at remembering to drink enough water throughout the day! 

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