About Rif Care:

Earth and body friendly period care you’ll love. Rif Care believes in making wellness products that make you feel like your best self, all with high quality ingredients that are integral for a healthy reproductive system. Their products are grown with hemp fiber, without chemicals, making them better for the long term health of you and the planet. They are a 100% BIPOC and women owned small business, aiming to lower our carbon footprint, one period at a time!

Why we love them:

Part of the reason we love Rif is in the name itself. Rif stands for Regenerative International Female, and stems from not only caring about ourselves, but promoting the importance of our shared responsibility to care for the planet, and for future generations. Long gone are the days of purchasing period care with ingredients that don’t belong anywhere near or inside of our bodies. Rif uses a proprietary blend of regenerative hemp and organic cotton fibers - beyond being better for our bodies, these products naturally biodegrade in about 6 months, which is a marketable improvement from the old school period care brands made with plastics and chemicals that can take anywhere from 500-800 years! They also donate 2% of all sales to women through programs that support and uplift victims of family violence, and sexual assault. 

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