Yoga & Self-Care at Home


Yogaia helps you build self-care into your daily routine with guided body and mind exercises online.

With Yogaia, you get unlimited access to live and on-demand yoga, workout and mindfulness classes with personal guidance from international teachers so you can always find the right exercise exactly when you need it.

  • Live classes from the comfort of your own home
  • Individualized guidance and encouragement with camera opt-in
  • Class variety including Yoga, Neck and shoulders, Healthy Back, Core, Pilates, Barre, meditation, HIIT, and more
  • Access to thousands of recorded classes 24/7
With 95% of thousands of happy Yogaia users experiencing a positive impact on their daily wellbeing, Yogaia is the perfect platform for building a sustainable wellbeing routine.
About Yogaia:
Feel better every day with stress-free online workouts, yoga, and mental practice that you can do anywhere, anytime! With Yogaia, you’re able to take even the smallest steps to feel better every day. With guided exercises for the mind and body, including yoga, core, HIIT, barre, pilates, and meditation & relaxation classes, they make it easy to be the best version of yourself, right from the convenience of your own home. Yogaia offers classes no matter what your time allowance may be, from 5 minutes to up to an hour!
Why we 🤍 them:
Their brand ethos is about inclusivity, support and body positivity for everybody. We love that they have chosen to be the good guys in everything they do!
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