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Eco Sports’ basketball is produced entirely of eco-friendly & vegan materials, making it the first of its kind. Despite being made of various biodegradable materials, the Eco Sports basketball is well known as being one of, if not the best, ball with which to practice. The vegan leather combined with the inside components allow this ball to have the perfect amount of bounce, with a grippy outer layer to allow for the flawless swish.

Non Toxic, High-Quality, Long-Lasting Basketballs
These basketballs are made from a chemical free material that is non toxic for the planet, the ball maker, and the user. The basketballs produced by Eco Sports are long-lasting, durable, and can withstand a great amount of force. Each basketball is made to last as long as possible, so it can be passed down generations without having to be replaced. No matter the weather outside, this basketball is designed to play in all conditions, as inclement weather will not affect or damage the ball in any way. This ball is versatile and can be used indoors, as well.


  • Mens: For ages 12 and up (7th grade and above).
  • Womens: For ages 9+. This ball can also be used by boys ages 9-12.

Basketball At-A-Glance
  • Made with TPU: Environmentally-Friendly, Manufactured with Sustainable Materials
  • Safe 4 Kids PU & PVC is TOXIC for Kids
  • High-Quality Design and Materials
  • Easy to Grip Texture Providing Smooth Shots and Passes
  • Durable, Long-Lasting Construction and Materials
  • For Indoor or Outdoor Play
  • Marked with Official Eco Sports Logo
  • Ships from California
About Eco Sports :
Eco Sports replaces leather and toxic plastics in sports with biodegradable vegan leather. It feels just as amazing, if not better, and it’s at a price you can afford.
Why we 🤍 them:
We love Eco Sports because we were tired of seeing the same toxic and unsustainable materials in the sport’s equipment space. Eco Sports not only uses biodegradable vegan leather for the balls, but uses recyclable, plastic-free packaging, and works with a manufacturer that has an air purification facility which can purify the waste gas from the printing lines. Eco Sports also donates 10% of all profits immediately to plant trees across the nation on your behalf!
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