V4 Infrared Sauna Blanket


Take a wellness cue from the likes of celebrities world wide and take your DOSE on the go. Perfect for traveling or at-home use, the HigherDOSE Infrared Sauna Blankets increase the body’s thermal energy and promote a temporary increase in blood flow–so you sweat like you’re working out, without working out. As you relax into the soothing, yet stimulating heat, infrared also provides an uplifting sensation. The result? A healthy, rejuvenating experience that leaves you feeling euphoric.


  • Far Infrared Heat: Infrared’s deeply penetrating heat promotes full-body detox, improved circulation, reduced inflammation, and inside-out healing.
  • Charcoal, Clay, & Magnetic Layers: Charcoal binds to pollutants, helping to flush out impurities and deepen your detox. Clay emits negative ions and balances the heat. A grounding medical-grade magnetic strip improves blood flow and circulation.
  • Crystal Therapy: Healing amethyst & tourmaline layer deepens the benefits of infrared and naturally generates negative ions, which fight free radicals.


  • Glowing Skin: Improved circulation helps bring out your inner glow.
  • Deep Relaxation: Grounding layers of crystal, charcoal, and clay promote a deeper state of rest.
  • Boosts Circulation: Heating the body increases heart rate and improves circulation.
  • Detoxifies: Increasing thermal heat supports the body’s natural detoxification process.
  • Burns Calories: Sweating in a sauna is like working out, without the workout.
  • Muscle Recovery: Infrared heat aids in post-workout muscle recovery.
About HigherDOSE :
Supercharge your self-care and boost holistic recovery with wellness tools designed to ignite vitality from the inside out. HigherDOSE cultivated the hottest at-home wellness tools using nature-inspired technologies to release a DOSE of feel-good chemicals — AKA, Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin, and Endorphins — that elevate your mood, promote a healthy glow, support long-term health benefits, and lift your spirit. That’s why HigherDOSE calls it getting high naturally. HigherDOSE’s infrared, PEMF, and Red Light devices elevate your health and beauty rituals, while their collection of body products boost the benefits so you feel more rejuvenated, refreshed, grounded, and glowing.
Why we 🤍 them:
I love HigherDOSE because it’s like a spa and sauna in the comfort of your own home! There are countless benefits to elevating your thermal energy, and I love that I can literally feel it working while it’s in use. I used to love going to the sauna to help detox and relax my muscles, but I never really had the time. The HigherDOSE sauna blanket is perfect because I can lay inside it, read a book, watch tv, and carry on with other activities. I’ve also found that meditating using the Infrared PEMF mat increases both the benefits and my enjoyment tenfold. The mat utilizes charcoal, clay, and magnetic layers to help detox your body and improve circulation, as well as a crystal therapy layer to deepen the benefits of the infrared.
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