True Moringa

Universal Cure Balm


True Moringa’s Universal Cure Balm is the perfect remedy for dry and chapped skin. Moringa is rich in zeatin, known for stimulating cell division and growth, and packed with crucial fatty acids to fight free radicals. The unique blend of luxurious wildcrafted shea, cocoa butter, and moringa penetrate deeply into the skin for a hydrating, curing balm.
About True Moringa :
True Moringa is a black & woman-owned company on a mission to use underutilized superfoods to create wealth for women and farming families in Ghana, and to meet the wellness needs of women globally. Starting with the moringa tree, they have built a tech-enabled, climate-smart, regenerative agriculture model that protects our planet, increases the incomes of women and family farmers by 4x, and creates efficacious natural beauty and wellness products people love.
Why we 🤍 them:
We love True Moringa because they make it so incredibly easy to see the direct benefit both they, and their consumers, are having on the world. They use their voice excessively for the good of the planet and people alike, and do such a wonderful job of sharing their stories of growth and positive change. They’ve planted over 2 million Moringa trees so far, with no end in sight, and it’s been such a pleasure to follow their journey.
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