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Toilet Spray


Nellie's Toilet Spray: Spritz in the bowl before you go!

At a fancy party? In a coffee shop? College dorm? Heck, even in your own home? Nellie's Toilet Spray is your go-to when you gotta go. Made with 100% pure lemon essential oils, Toilet Spray leaves your bathroom smelling lemon-fresh.

Eliminates Odors: Works by creating a layer on top of water to trap in and eliminate odors.

Septic Safe (No bad stuff): Free from parabens, phthalates, benzene, ethanol & formaldehyde.

Natural Lemon Fragrance: Made with 100% pure lemon essential oils.

Travel-Friendly Glass Bottle: Small and convenient for on-the-go (for when you gotta go), Toilet Spray comes in a 100 ml travel-friendly glass bottle

About Nellie's Clean Inc. :
The Nellie's brand was inspired by Nellie! That's right, she was a real person with real values, who believed in honesty and simplicity and was going 'green' LONG before the color was cool. It was these beliefs that inspired the company's founder, Nellie's actual son, to build an entire company honoring his late mother.
Why we 🤍 them:
We love Nellie’s because they offer a planet-friendly way to do everyday tasks! They use clean and concentrated formulas that are SLS, phosphate, and chlorine free (i.e. they leave your skin as clean as the environment!) Plus, their product packaging is actually something I like having out on my kitchen counter.
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