Theragun G5 PRO™


The world’s best massage device.

The Theragun PRO is the ultimate tool for recovery and pain relief to keep you moving. No other device is proven to improve your recovery, performance, mobility, sleep, and stress. No other device makes it easier to hit hard-to-reach areas with a patented signature triangle handle. And no other device combines power, depth and speed to give you the most effective treatment. That's what makes Theragun different.

Find relief from ailments, aches and pains with effective recovery that lasts. The Theragun new PRO motor has been built from the ground up to be 20% quieter without sacrificing the signature power or frequency. And with a built-in OLED screen that displays routines, you can treat your body easier than ever before.

Key Product Features:
  • QuietForce Technology that delivers superior power and 20% less noise
  • 4 visual guided routines built directly on your device via the OLED screen (Sleep, Workout Warm Up, Workout Recovery, Theragun Break)
  • 6 attachments designed to personalize your recovery (Standard Ball, Dampener, Thumb, Wedge, SuperSoft, NEW: Micro-point)
  • Sustainable packaging that uses 85% less plastic than previous generations
  • 150 minute total battery life with USB-C fast charging
  • Customizable speed range (1750 - 2400 PPMs)
  • Syncs with the Therabody app to control your device and personalize your recovery
  • Theragun PRO® device
  • 6 Attachments designed for every muscle and need (Standard Ball, Dampener, Thumb, Wedge, SuperSoft, Micro-Point)
  • USB-C cable and adapter
  • 1 Lithium-ion battery
  • Soft case
  • Attachment pouch
About Therabody :
Therabody is a pioneer in the wellness technology space, developing products and services that optimize human performance and unlock the body's natural ability to achieve health and well-being. Therabody empowers people around the world to live healthier lives through a deeper understanding of their bodies and minds. Since the founding, they have continued to pave the way with an innovative ecosystem of wellness solutions backed by science, including pneumatic compression (RecoveryAir), electrical stimulation (PowerDot), vibration therapy (Wave series), and USDA Certified Organic CBD (TheraOne). Science is fundamental to Therabody’s DNA. They combine existing science with internal and external research to validate products and services. The products are embraced by both the medical community and millions of consumers worldwide.
Why we 🤍 them:
We are often inspired by the stories of brand founders and creators. After a traumatic motorcycle accident, Dr. Jason Wersland searched for a solution to his debilitating pain. When nothing on the market helped, he designed a makeshift tool that unknowingly became the first Theragun. Frank here, founder of Maavee. I remember when the first Theragun hit the market and I have been following its evolution ever since. As a former college athlete, current fitness junkie, and Theragun user, I fully understand the power of recovery and percussive therapy. I have seen firsthand the Thergun product evolve, the Therabody story unfold, and Dr. J's commitment to innovation and natural solutions that work!
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