Theragun G5 Prime


Deep, powerful massage in a simple, easy-to-use design.

Whether you're looking for powerful, effective pain relief or reduced soreness and tightness, Theragun Prime helps you recover from your daily grind and maintain your body’s peak performance. Scientifically-proven deep muscle percussive massage therapy in an easy-to-use, durable design.

Key Benefits:
  • Relieve Pain: Theragun Prime’s 4 unique attachments are scientifically designed to target aches, pains and tension all over the body.
  • Reduce Tightness: Loosen up tight, stiff muscles with Theragun Prime’s signature 16mm treatment depth.
  • Accelerate Recovery: Target deep-seated muscle soreness and speed up your recovery so you can get back to your daily grind ASAP.
  • Improve Circulation: Treat yourself to an all-over Theragun Prime massage to improve circulation and blood flow throughout the body.
  • Theragun Prime device
  • 4 massage attachments: Dampener, Standard Ball, Thumb, Micro-point
  • USB-C charging cable
  • Travel case
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