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The Therapy Journal


A Guided Reflection Space for Your Therapy Sessions

Be the co-pilot of your therapy sessions and capture insights that lead to progress in The Therapy Journal. With 20 session entries and 70+ prompts, this notebook equips you with the structure and space to get the most out of your sessions. You'll organize your thoughts to prepare for sessions, keep track of insights, and be empowered as an active participant of your growth journey.


  • This notebook is filled with 272 pages of 75 gsm cream paper for a smooth & fluid writing experience.
  • Hardcover, with a thread-sewn, flat-lay binding. Linen cover material. Heat-sealed ribbon.

Who this helps:
Are you struggling with what to talk about in your therapy sessions? Do you find yourself unsure of whether you're making real progress? Bring focus and clarity to your sessions with this guided notebook to co-create your own journey.

How It Works:
  • Mindfully prepare for each session.
  • Every session entry begins with a mindful check-in to help you prepare. You'll have access to grounding techniques and guided prompts to reflect on how you're doing before your therapy session begins.
  • If your Therapy Session is in the middle of your work day, chances are you'll speak about your job more than any other topic. This step allows you to step away from the immediate thoughts at the surface of your mind and prepare yourself to tackle the topics you really want.

Capture insights that lead to progress.
  • When something is emotionally resonant, it tends to capture all of our attention and focus. As a result, it's a common experience to feel like you didn't get to talk about something you wanted to cover, or that you went on a tangent and got side tracked. “Topics for This Session” allows you to set a meeting agenda of sorts, so that you go in with intention, and cover what you feel is a priority.
  • Each session entry includes intentional space for notes and reflection. As you work through different topics with your therapist, you may have new ways of thinking that you want to capture. Sometimes a conversation goes in a direction that you may not have anticipated (a good thing!) but you might still want to cover what was in your “Topics for This Session.” Here, you can note these things you didn't cover.

Reflect on your week with guided prompts.
  • Therapy is potentially only 1 hour out of our 168-hour week. Each session entry includes a variety of reflection prompts to help you continue processing between sessions and remember what to talk about with your therapist.
  • In the time between sessions, so much happens. If you had a breakthrough, if you had a particularly hard moment, if something is puzzling you that you want to work out, this is your place to note these moments.

Set clear goals for therapy.
  • Set and shift your therapy goal with your therapist every 10 sessions, and monitor your progress and comfort with your therapist.
  • You're in therapy because you're interested in progress. Setting goals allows you to focus your energy in the way that will most help you. These goals can change and shift over time, and the topic may change from session to session, but having an overarching goal allows you to reflect on the “big picture” and note how much change has truly happened.
About Therapy Notebooks :
Therapy Notebooks makes evidence-based mental health tools more accessible and enjoyable. Their team of psychologists, writers, and designers have created notebooks to make it easy to learn and practice mental health tools and help you feel better. It's important to them that they can then get these tools in the hands of people who need it most.
Why we 🤍 them:
We love Therapy Notebooks because they offer evidence-based, therapist-approved tools and guided notebooks in a more accessible manner. We strongly share the belief that mental health resources should be available and accessible for everyone. They are also not afraid to delve into the effects that culture, racism, and identity can have on your mental health.
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