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The Romantic


The Romantic is a sensuous internal vibrator designed to stimulate all the vagina's pleasure spots at once or at different depths. It has ridged sides to tease the sensitive lower vagina, a rounded head to stimulate the G-zone, and a long body to reach the deeper end of the vagina for full-body pleasure.


  • 5 speeds and 4 new experiential pulsations modes for passionate surprises
  • Silent, rechargeable, and waterproof
About Smile Makers :
Smile Makers is a sexual wellness brand on a mission: to inspire vulva owners to set their own standards for good sex. Their idea was to put vibrators on the shelves of mainstream retail and in the pages of our favorite magazines. After all, sex is a normal part of life. Their pleasure products fit naturally among your wellness essentials and have been created with the female body in mind. An invitation for moments of self-exploration, their colorful and ergonomic vibrators have been designed based on the latest research on female anatomy. With insights from sexologists, the brand also shares pleasure tips and positive sex education. Allow Smile Makers to help you discover yourself.
Why we 🤍 them:
We love Smile Makers because they have a strong focus on removing the stigma around female sexual wellness, and re-educating the world. They have, and continue to make, big strides forward in the open and ever-changing conversation around female pleasure, and they make a point to build a purposefully diverse team to represent the world in which we live, with 75% of them being female. Smile Makers even created their own sex education program called Vulva Talks, focused on pleasure for people with vulvas, which is free on their website to ensure accessibility. Lastly, they work with manufacturing partners certified by SMETA (an ethical trade-audit), and partner with local advocates for live events, student associations, and other organizations such as UN Population Fund, UN Women, and more. While they know there are strides to be made, they have made a commitment to update all packaging to FSC material by 2025, and have begun their move towards more eco-friendly products with their biodegradable and organic wipes.
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