The Journey Pack


The perfect pack to kickstart creating positive habits. Füm is a natural diffusive device that combines flavor, fidget, and fixation specifically for healthy habit formation.

This Pack Includes:

  • Füm™ Version 2
  • Maple Pepper Cores (Previously Conquer Cores)
  • Crisp Mint Cores
  • White Cranberry Cores
  • Cleaning Kit
Questions You May Have:

Why Does Füm Work?
  • Physiology shows stopping a bad habit cold turkey is very hard on your brain. Füm works because it talks directly to your brain by replacing your hand-to-mouth fixation, calming nervous tension through fidgeting, and distracting you from your bad habit with delicious flavor.
How Long Do Cores Last?
  • 1 Core will last you between 2 - 3 days. Each Journey Pack comes with enough Cores to last 1 month.
How Often Can I Use Füm?
  • As often as you like. Please Note: if Füm is negatively affecting you please stop and contact your physician.
Is Füm Safe?
  • Yes, multiple 3rd party toxicology reports & studies have been done on the inhalation and digestion of the plant compounds we use in our Cores. These reports & studies are available on tryfum.com.
What Are Cores Made Of?
  • Each Core fiber is medical grade polyester, infused in the fiber is our unique plant blend of pure essential oils from amazing farms around the world.
*Füm Version 2 is only compatible with Version 2 (V2) Cores*
About Füm :
Füm is fast tracking humanity's departure from nicotine through their all natural, no smoke, no vape, and no nicotine inhaler. Füm is all about helping you regain control of your habits in a healthy, supportive way. The Füm inhaler incorporates the benefits of plant oils and behavioral psychology to replace the hand to mouth habit of smoking and vaping.
Why we 🤍 them:
We love Füm because they understand the benefits of creating positive habits. We all know someone who struggles with nicotine addiction, and Füm offers an encouraging and healthy way to curb these cravings, without the judgment or stigma. We also love that with every Füm sold, they feed 6 orphans in rural Kenya through M4K.
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