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Your personal financial trainer – looking to put you in control of your finances, one step at a time.

More than 90% of people experience financial anxiety and the typical emotions that people experience around their financial health are fear and shame.

The Financial Gym understand that financial wellness is just as important as physical and mental wellness, and they employ a number of the same tools that physical and mental wellness professionals utilize in their client’s financial wellness journeys.

They offer 5 personal finance online classes and a Kickstarter plan:
  • General Personal Finance Course with Shannon McLay: Part One - 18 lessons - $99.00 - The Financial Gym Founder and CEO, Shannon McLay will teach you how to optimize your financial health. You will leave this course with a newfound knowledge of personal finance and with the motivation to control your finances for good! Topics include: Creating a Healthy Money Mindset; Are You Financially Fit?; Budgeting Bootcamp; and Credit 101
  • General Personal Finance Course with Shannon McLay: Part Two - 15 lessons - $99.00 - In this personal finance course with Founder and CEO, Shannon McLay, we are taking the fundamentals learned from Part One and teaching you how to apply them to your life goals. This course covers investing, family planning, and home buying!
  • Investing 101 - 5 lessons - $35.00 - You know you should be investing your money, but how do you even start? The Financial Gym Founder and CEO, Shannon McLay, will teach you the importance of investing, what may be holding you back, and how to start today!
  • Family Planning - 4 lessons - $35.00 - Growing your family is exciting, but also expensive! Learn all about what costs to prepare for as you plan this important milestone with our Founder and CEO, Shannon McLay. You will learn what to expect pre and post conception as well as afterbirth!
  • First Time Home Buying - 6 lessons - $35.00 - There is a lot to consider when it comes to home buying, especially if it is your first time! In this course our Founder and CEO, Shannon McLay, covers everything from getting your financial house in order first to mortgages and ongoing costs.
  • Kickstarter Financial Plan - $375.00 - It includes two 60-minute calls with a Certified Financial Trainer. The first call will be a discovery meeting to set goals and plan for the future. In the second call, the trainer will present a personalized financial plan of how to reach and achieve the goals that were set.
About The Financial Gym:
Shannon McLay founded The Financial Gym after years of working for a big bank as a financial advisor. She was inspired to create a financial service company that actually cares for its clients and provides them the services they need. It's their mission to utilize financial literacy, compassion, empathy, and encouragement to help their clients get more comfortable with not only their current financial situation but to embrace an exciting and empowering future for their lasting wellbeing.
Why we 🤍 them:
Not only is The Financial Gym woman-founded and led, but they also make it a priority to have an incredibly diverse team of financial coaches, and use their voice to promote and advocate for inclusivity.
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