The Classic Insole


A supportive insole made from cork, to provide comfort, arch support, and improve alignment. Crafted for your individual comfort and proactive wellness. Designed for regular width shoes.

The insoles are made with layers of sustainable and innovative materials:

  • Top layer: Vegan cactus leather
  • Middle Layer: Antimicrobial, natural, and sustainable latex foam
  • Bottom Layer: Carbon negative, shock-absorbing cork

About Fulton :
Fulton is a modern brand of arch support. They developed a supportive, sustainable, and comfortable insole made from innovative materials like vegan cactus leather and cork. Fulton seeks to empower consumers to live a healthier life, because wellness starts from the ground up.
Why we 🤍 them:
Fulton is creating a sturdier foundation for a healthier future by making the connection between arch support and everyday wellness. These cork based shoe inserts are comfortable and help correct alignment. Fulton is committed to sustainable practices and crafted with quality. This brand is changing the future one step at a time!
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