DEN Soils

Sustainable Soil Mix


Your go-to mix for just about any potted plant (air plants, not so much). This mix holds a carefully curated collection of natural ingredients designed to keep plants with a wide range of needs thriving. Whether you're planting a tropical Fiddle Leaf Fig propagation or replanting a temperate Pony Tail Palm, this mix has you covered.
About DEN Soils :
DEN was started by three friends while working on a project focused on soil health, where they came to understand that the soil industry is actually kind of dirty. Synthetic fertilizers made in a lab, mining carbon sinks for ingredients, unrecyclable plastic packaging, and more, all add up to an unexpectedly unsustainable industry. Without healthy soil, it's impossible to have a healthy planet, so the three set out to clean up dirt. DEN was founded with the ambitious mission to make the most sustainable soil possible, made with local ingredients, and packaged plastic-free. They managed to incorporate some really amazing ingredients like OurCarbon™ biochar, a material that prevents 10 tons of CO2e for every 1 ton of material they produce. Each package of DEN even tells you how many greenhouse gas emissions have been avoided by growing and making their ingredients.
Why we 🤍 them:
California based DEN Soils is on a mission to clean up the dirty commercial soil industry. With entirely natural and locally sourced ingredients, as well as plastic-free, compostable packaging, their soils are the perfect base for indoor planting and outdoor gardens of all kinds. DEN Soils makes soil that is great for the planet.
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