Pulp Pantry

Spicy Barbecue Pulp Chips Multi-Pack


PULPPANTRY SpicyBarbecue_Size

Smoky spicy sweet & savory all at once, our chef's bold BBQ flavor is a fan favorite.


  • Made with wholesome ingredients including real vegetables, cassava and superfoods like chia seeds and lucuma (no sugar added!)
  • 5g of fiber
  • 150 calories per serving
  • Upcycled Certified
  • Plastic Neutral Certified
  • Grain free, paleo friendly
About Pulp Pantry :
Pulp Pantry is working to cultivate better, more nutritious and sustainable food choices that serve our generation, and generations to come. Eating healthy shouldn’t be complicated, and they believe that vegetables can be a delicious snack at the front of your pantry. Millions of pounds of pulp are wasted every year, and Pulp Pantry is turning that obstacle into mouth watering snacks to help you find more craveable moments to eat your daily serving of vegetables and fiber everyday.
Why we 🤍 them:
We love Pulp Pantry because they’ve found a way to take an extremely important issue, and turn it into something truly flavorful. Through them I learned of the staggering amount of food (the biggest chunk of which is fruits and vegetables) that ends up in landfills, in which it causes the second largest source of methane. They are Plastic Neutral Certified, and since their launch have saved over 79 Kg of nutritious veggies, 16 millions L of water, and 500 thousand square feet of croplands. Beyond the environmental standpoint, pulp is actually the healthiest part of fruits and vegetables, containing 95% of the fiber, 2/3 less sugar, and 1/2 the nutrients of fresh fruits and vegetables. So you’re actually getting all of the amazing probiotic and digestive benefits, but without all the sugar!
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