SmartEar Thermometer


When illness strikes, Kinsa is like a nurse in your pocket!


  • Get accurate, fast 1-second readings
  • Bluetooth that pairs with the free Kinsa app
  • Personalized guidance based on age, fever and symptoms
  • Symptom log with real-time personalized guidance for each family member
  • Illness timelines shareable with health professionals
  • Medication tracking and reminders
  • FDA cleared for safety & accuracy
About Kinsa :
Kinsa’s mission is to stop the spread of infectious illness through early detection and early response. They want to empower you to know when illness is spreading and what to do about it. Like a nurse in your pocket, the Kinsa thermometer and app guides your family to care and treatment to get better faster.
Why we 🤍 them:
We love Kinsa because using their innovative technology, they have made caring for yourself and your loved ones incredibly easy. They take into account your age, symptoms, and other details to provide personalized guidance around your illness. Through their app, you can also create accounts for everyone in your family to make keeping track even easier! We also love what they stand for on a social responsibility level. They have a DEI committee, a diverse leadership team and advisory board, and stress the importance of education in schools (along with providing donations and free products!)
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