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Take your pick of lavish shower steamer between sinus-relieving eucalyptus tea tree, and soothing chamomile and lavender. Either way, it’s hard to choose wrong!

Eucalyptus Tea Tree:
  • Great for allergy, cold and flu season, the eucalyptus shower steamers' scent is a stimulating combination of all-natural essential oils that invigorates your senses and helps alleviate congestion in your head and sinuses. The eucalyptus essential oil helps clear your mind and eliminates harmful airborne bacteria, while the immunity-boosting tea tree oil will aid in fighting infections and relieving congestion. These scents of the eucalyptus shower steamer will leave you renewed and refreshed!
Chamomile and Lavender:
  • Start or end your day with tranquility with this calming blend of chamomile lavender shower steamers that will fill your shower with the soothing scents of these all-natural essential oils! Chamomile promotes relaxation, relieves tension and aids in a good night's sleep, while lavender helps soothe stress, anxiety and unease. This steamer will infuse your shower with a spa-like experience to help you relax when you need it most.
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