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Sensory Sleep Bundle


Getting a good night's sleep is always more likely when you can get into bed relaxed and calm. The Deluxe sleep bundle includes their Sleep Mask that blocks out 100% of light, the Deep Sleep Pillow Mist for creating a calming, aromatic sleep environment, and their silicone Ear Plugs to block out the noise.

Sleep is one of the main pillars of living a healthy & balanced life, yet it’s rare that we get the recommended 8 hours of sleep we need every night. This Deep Sleep Pillow Mist promotes a deeper and more rejuvenating sleep, the Sleep Mask allows your body to quickly fall into a deeper state of sleep without any distractions from the outside world and the silicone Ear Plugs create a peaceful environment by blocking out disruptive noises, promoting a restful night's sleep.

Includes: 1 Deep Sleep Pillow Mist 100ml, 1 Sleep Mask, 1 pair of Navy Ear Plugs

About Baxter Blue :
Baxter Blue brings self-care into the modern age with eyewear empowering you to feel great and live well. In this incredibly digital life, their mission is to bring digital wellbeing into your everyday life through knowledge, science, and high-quality products. They are also on a journey towards a kinder, more sustainable future, through partnerships with Restoring Vision, and incredibly innovative materials that are better for the earth.
Why we 🤍 them:
We love Baxter Blue because beyond being incredibly stylish, they’re dedicated to leaving the world a better place than they found it. Their stunning bio-acetate is biodegradable, made from FSC wood, and they donate a pair of glasses to someone in need with every purchase. They also use an innovative amber blue light lens for their sleep collection!
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