Grounded Self Watering Crystal


This sleek glass crystal takes the worry of under-watering off your hands. With a cork bottom, it intelligently trickles water into the soil over the course of 3-4 days. Say hello to health and new growth!

Cut your green to-do list in half while keeping your needy plants content. The self-watering crystal creates ideal soil moisture for tropical plants.

Recommended For

  • Plants that prefer moist soil
  • Care while traveling
  • Plants in bright light
  • Planters 4”-6” wide (1 crystal)
  • Planters 8”-12” wide (2 crystals recommended)
  • Best for planters with a drainage hole
About Grounded :
Founded by Mignon Hemsley and Danuelle Doswell, Grounded is a DC-based wellness brand with a mission to help the world reconnect to nature. Their mission is rooted in demonstrating how houseplants are therapeutic for both your physical and mental health. Grounded has carefully curated a beautiful selection of plants, all with a plethora of benefits designed to elicit a sense of tranquility and mindfulness.
Why we 🤍 them:
I love Grounded because I’ve seen all the benefits that owning houseplants can provide firsthand. Beyond simply brightening up any room, there is so much research out there showing that the presence of indoor plants can improve your mental and physical health. Each plant offers different benefits - for example, the Snake Plant purifies your air by absorbing toxins through the leaves, and producing oxygen! There’s also something about taking care of a plant and watching it thrive that soothes the soul. Grounded is women and BIPOC founded, with a team reflecting their mission to be inclusive of all people regardless of sex, race, religion, and more. All of their packaging is eco friendly, and they use kraft paper which degrades within just a few weeks. They even donate and gift local organizations with greenery, and speak at mental health workshops and nonprofits! A truly beautiful company all around.
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