Pure + Planted

Self Care Kit (Lavender)


The “CBD Self Care Box” has all the tools to help you take the time to show yourself some love. Self Care is an important part of any wellness routine. These CBD bath and skin care products can be used individually or together to give you a full at home spa experience. All products are Lavender.

The "CBD Self Care Box" includes:

  • Full Spectrum CBD Bath Bomb (50mg)
  • Full Spectrum CBD Bath Salt Soak (200mg)
  • Full Spectrum CBD Salt Scrub (200mg)
  • Full Spectrum CBD Hand & Body Moisturizer (200mg)
About Pure + Planted :
Pure + Planted is a wholly woman-owned brand that creates small-batched CBD-infused beauty and wellness products. Pure + Planted has drawn from decades of experience within the cannabis space to create CBD wellness and beauty products that are responsibly sourced and crafted in Vermont. Pure + Planted has worked to create a wide array of products so that all customers can enjoy CBD any way they desire, whether that’s ingesting or applying their products topically. Pure + Planted aims to establish the hemp plant’s infinite potential to positively impact the Earth as a whole.
Why we 🤍 them:
I love Pure + Planted because of their accessible approach to hemp in any form. They have a down-to-earth energy about them that makes you feel as though you are part of the community. They also proudly stick to their Vermont roots! Their hemp is locally sourced in Vermont, and they maintain close and synergistic relationships with their local farmers, who are their neighbors and friends. I personally love their “Purse Essentials Kit” as it’s literally everything you might need in a pinch!
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