Rotezen Journal


Created with Komuso co-founder Daniel Epstein, a licensed psychotherapist, Rotezen is a guided journal, a 3-month planner, and a source of inspiration that delivers peace of mind and meaningful change through micro-adjustments to your routine.

Learn by rote + zen = Rotezen. Or more literally: rotezen - I wrote zen.

This book is designed to make it easier to commit to change. One day at a time, one small, incremental micro-adjustment at a time, rotezen will help you make a routine of change, peace of mind, and progress.

What's inside:

  • Daily Template (to organize each day around this routine)
  • Weekly Maxims (to inspire exploration and growth each week)
  • Daily Prompts (to center your day and focus your growth)
  • Guided Conversations (therapist-led explanations for weekly maxims)
  • Breathing Techniques (basic technique to enhance calm and focus)
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About Komuso :
At Komuso, every breath makes a difference. The Shift is a simple and effective breathing tool created by a husband and wife team to reduce stress and anxiety, and increase peace of mind. We take 23,000 breaths every day. Each one of these represents an opportunity for change, and Komuso believes the Shift can help transform lives by breathing better.
Why we 🤍 them:
Frank Ricciardi here…founder of Maavee. Well, I personally use the Komuso Shift. For years I have been keenly aware that I do not breathe when I type — not helpful, of course. After meeting Todd Steinberg, founder of Komuso, and hearing his personal story, I was immediately interested. Suffice it to say, I now breath during my email sprints and love knowing that it’s always there around my neck when I need it. As an entrepreneur, there’s always a need to take a breath. (Plus, having lived in Tokyo, I love the Japanese design influence!)
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