Bios Apothecary

Relax and Unwind Set


Unplug and reset with this restorative trio.


-A weighted aromatherapy eye pillow filled with lavender and organic flaxseed which reduces light and visual stimulus while putting light pressure on the eyes, triggering a reflex that puts the mind and body at rest.
-"Dream" aromatherapy oil which is a delicate infusion of semi-precious gemstones, therapeutic grade lavender and chamomile essential oil to create an atmosphere of tranquility.-
An amethyst meditation stone to promote serenity and calmness.

About Bios Apothecary :
Bios is defined as "the science of life and living matter in all its forms and phenomena". Bios Apothecary is fascinated with nature and order, with ancient healing modalities, with the innate intelligence of the body and the tremendous wisdom of plants and minerals. Bios strives towards “Sattva” (Sanskrit for purity), a concept in Vedic philosophy which refers to healthy, nutritious and clean products which purify the body. Bios blends organic, wildcrafted and food grade ingredients with therapeutic grade essential oils selected for their aromatic qualities and medicinal properties.
Why we 🤍 them:
We love Bios Apothecary because they have a true understanding of the wisdom that nature already has built in. They favor locally grown and harvested botanicals, and even donate a portion of each purchase to sustainable, urban, agriculture initiatives in the New York area. I was previously gifted the Rose Infused Bath Oil, and didn’t want to use it for so long because it acted as such an elegant accessory and decor in my bathroom! The smell, feel, and quality ended up being just as beautiful as it looked. Each item is handmade in Brooklyn, and put into collectable glass apothecary bottles that use up to 40% post-consumer content. They will also build a customized blend for you, prepared by hand, all around your specifications (with infused dried flowers and semi precious crystals!)
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