Training app for indoor exercise machines


The Regatta mobile app is your virtual training studio for indoor exercise machines at home or in the gym.

It recreates the energy and social experience of being live with others in a group training session and makes it accessible to all. Regatta was founded on the scientific understanding that humans benefit significantly from the live presence and encouragement of others in pursuit of health and wellness goals.

The annual subscription gives you access to our connected fitness app and library of over 500 instructor-led classes. 

Take running, cycling, rowing, elliptical, strength, mobility and yoga on-demand or via livestreams with others from around the world. 

Connect and Perform!

About Regatta:
"Regatta was born from my experience using indoor rowers through frigid New England winters. These machines offered excellent physical training but lacked the social energy I found with in-person classes. Instead of reinventing the machine, I focused on revolutionizing the experience. My background as a Navy SEAL and digital product executive helped chart our vision, but it was our team of fitness and digital experts who brought Regatta’s connected experience to life. The response was amazing – people worldwide joined our community to get the live training and competition missing from their machines." Mike, founder of Regatta
Why we 🤍 them:
At Regatta, they value the principles of being inclusive over exclusive, fostering community over celebrity, offering coaching over entertaining, and delivering a genuine live group workout experience. Also, having diverse employees and diverse coaches is very close to Regatta's heart. We LOVE that!
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