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Did you know that brushing your teeth only removes some of the bacteria? Most can be found hiding in between your teeth and even more on your tongue. Ewww.
Cue: The Refresh Set– gives you all the tools you need to send those bacteria bad guys packing. And a brighter smile, of course.

The Refresh Set contains:

  • 1 x Pink Biodegradable Toothbrush (soft)
  • 1 x Coconut Tooth Floss 
  • 1 x Premium Copper Tongue Scraper 

Biodegradable Toothbrush: A healthy mouth and a happier earth? Find you a toothbrush that can do both! This multi-tasking biodegradable toothbrush uses soft, tapered charcoal bristles to gently clean, teeth, gums and everything in between.

Coconut Tooth Floss: Removes gunk, funk and junk from in between teeth with a smooth coconut-oil-based wax, enabling it to get into the tightest of spaces while gliding effortlessly between teeth and gums. Leaves your smile fresh-than-fresh and ick-free.

Premium Copper Tongue Scraper: Bad breath? No thanks. Keeko's Copper Tongue Cleaner magically scrapes away stink-inducing plaque and toxins from the tongue. Say cheese to better oral hygiene, awakened tastebuds and a bacteria-free mouth!

About Keeko :
Founded in 2016 in Bondi Australia, Keeko is on a mission to give you the recommended daily intake of TLC with a feel-good, all-natural oral care routine you’ll actually enjoy doing. A new generation of dental care drawing on Ayurvedic medicine and native Australian botanicals to cleanse & support a healthy mouth and body. Each one of Keeko's fun-to-use products has been developed with dental professionals using safe & effective natural & vegan ingredients to deliver amazing results.
Why we 🤍 them:
I love Keeko because they taught me you don’t need nasty parabens and sulfates in your oral care products to be effective. I recently found I was extremely sensitive to sulfates in my toothpaste, but feared that without these ingredients, my teeth wouldn’t be as clean or white - Keeko proved me wrong! Their natural and microbiome-friendly ingredients are incredibly effective, and leave your breath smelling minty fresh. I also personally love the Morning Oil Pulling Mouthwash Sachets, as they make it so easy for me to rip a sachet open, and swish. Plus they’re certified plastic neutral!
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