Reflection Toothpaste (Lavender Vanilla Mint)


Combining science and nature, the Reflection Toothpaste is thoughtfully crafted by dentists to be naturally effective and sustainable for the planet. Available in a convenient pack of 3!

  • Naturally derived mineral toothpaste
  • Crafted by dentists to remineralize enamel and fight sensitivity 
  • Powered by 10% nano-hydroxyapatite, a clinically-proven natural fluoride alternative 
  • Includes xylitol, a plant-based antibacterial ingredient
  • Gently whitening with baking soda + coconut oil
  • Unique blend of soothing chamomile, creamy vanilla, and relaxing lavender essential oil, with a hint of mint!

Includes three tubes of Reflection Toothpaste in Lavender, Vanilla, and Mint.

About Elims :
Elims is a social impact company that combines seriously effective oral care and real sustainability. Elims believes you don't have to compromise your health for the planet. This is why they are not only sustainable, but also combine the best of science and nature by using clinically backed ingredients with effective natural ones. Each of Elims products are crafted by dentists and biotech professionals to keep your teeth clean and sparkling white.
Why we 🤍 them:
We love Elims because of their joint commitment to shining, healthy teeth, and the planet we live on. The team is a match made in heaven, as the CEO worked in the medical device industry, her husband is a dentist, and her friend had a deep passion for sustainability in manufacturing. I truly feel trust within the products, as they’re backed by clinical research, and created in conjunction with a real dentist. They also partner with Carbonfree to offset their own carbon footprint through reforestation projects and renewable energy, and TerraCycle so you can feel good about recycling your used products. I also love their “Ask Dr. Casey” website section, as I feel like I can get accessible answers to my questions!
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