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Protein Powder Multi-Serve Bag


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The Easiest to Digest Protein: formulated to be non-bloating with 5x gut health support. This blend of superfoods, plant-based protein, and cricket protein delivers all your essential amino acids and is perfect for post-workout recovery, building lean muscle, all-day energy, and satiating hunger.

Human Improvement complete non-bloating Chocolate Protein is the foundation of your premium wellness ritual. It is packed with B12, iron, fiber, and gut-boosting prebiotic, chitin. Keto and paleo friendly! (15 Serving Bag)

About Human Improvement :
Human Improvement is on a mission to help humans live better lives, by making it easier to make smart decisions. Starting with food, more specifically, starting with protein powder. Human Improvement got tired of seeing giant plastic jugs filled with ingredients from unsustainable sources. They wanted to see something different, and knew others would too. The Human Improvement approach is simple - make things simple, be good to people and the world we live in and bring some fun to it.
Why we 🤍 them:
I love Human Improvement because they taught me more about the benefits of cricket protein than I ever thought I would know! After learning that livestock protein is the largest contributor to environmental pollution, they created an incredibly sustainable alternative using cricket protein, as it’s one of the most sustainable and nutritious proteins in the world. Cricket protein emits 99.9% less greenhouse gas than livestock, 90% less water, and 93% less land. Plus, it’s essentially tasteless, which allowed HI! to create a delicious blend of ingredients and flavors around it.
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