Timber – Whitewash Toilet Foot Stool


Made in AUSTRALIA out of FSC* certified timber, the PROPPR Timber Whitewash toilet foot stool is the perfect undercover agent in your bathroom, blending perfectly with your designer white tiles.
The whitewash is designed to hold a certain level of clean authority, and will feel right at home with those who love things to be tonally in order.

About PROPPR :
The PROPPR is an Australian made and owned bathroom footstool, designed to replicate the ‘proppr’ squat position. Led by a female team that consists of a gut health specialist and long time poop stool advocate, PROPPR wants to make squatting the new sitting when it comes to regular bathroom visits.
Why we 🤍 them:
We love PROPPR because they found a way to create a stylish toilet stool for improving gut health! Who would have thought that the creation of the pedestal toilet could create a host of different health problems in the western world? Seeing this, the PROPPR foot stool was designed to replicate the appropriate squat position and help improve the health of your gut and colon, one of the main organs for the release of toxins. Not only is your body going to thank you, but their stools are designed to actually be a nice looking addition to your bathroom (not just hidden away behind the toilet!)
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