Probiotic Kombucha


Fuel for a healthy gut!

Kombucha is a fermented tea with living probiotics and organic acids, expertly brewed to help your gut do its thing.

Take your favorite OG Kombucha flavor with you, wherever you go! Treat your gut to a delicious on-the-go treat, for those spontaneous road trips, big game day weekends, or anything on the schedule.


  • Living Probiotics: Probiotics are living bacteria that are known to improve gut health. When consumed, they contribute to a diverse microbiome which helps the rest of your body stay balanced.
  • Organic Acids: During the fermentation process organic acids like acetic, lactic, gluconic and glucuronic acid—are produced. These hard-workers support your body's natural ability to detoxify, clearing out the icky stuff and reducing inflammation.
  • Natural Antioxidants: Antioxidants make up your body's clean-up crew. These plant-based substances are known to support your body's overall health and wellbeing.
  • At the time of bottling, each can contains 720 million CFU.
About Health-Ade :
Health-Ade is on a mission to unlock the power of your gut. Your beautiful belly controls way more than digestion - it drives just about everything you care about, including mood, energy, immunity, blood sugar, and even sleep. Health-Ade wants to help you learn about it, listen to it, trust it, and fuel it right. Their Kombucha is here to give your belly a boost - their bubbly fermented tea is loaded with probiotics and detoxifying acids to help your gut do all the things, even better.
Why we 🤍 them:
We love Health-Ade because they understand the meaning behind going with your gut! Your gut is your number one mood regulator, immune system command center, anti-inflammatory station, and so much more. Yet, it’s something we often forget about. Health-Ade gives you the ability to care for this crucial part of your body and health, all while indulging in a delicious drink. But they don’t forget about the importance of environmental and societal health either. They’ve reduced their carbon emission by 300k lbs through a special optimization effort, invest in water saving technology, and use all non-GMO and organic ingredients. They also have their own DEI committee, and are often donating funds and products to a range of programs and non-profits. So you can feel good, about feeling good.
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