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Turn routine into ritual with these minimalist and modern pill boxes.

These pill boxes feature a clean design that includes a soft-touch matte finish outside and a mirror on the inside. Each box includes seven interior daily compartments with flexible, removable lids in addition to a tight-fit top cover to make sure your pills are secure.

Make taking your vitamins something you'll actually look forward to using on the daily!

About Port and Polish :
Imagine if taking your pills felt more like self-care and less like a chore. Port and Polish's sleek, minimalist pill boxes feature a smooth-touch matte finish and clean design that will make investing in your health every day something to celebrate. With a fresh, clean exterior, removable daily tabs, and a handy mirror inside, they’ve completely redefined how a weekly pill box can look. Which means something you'll actually look forward to using on the daily.
Why we 🤍 them:
I love Port + Polish because as someone who takes pills and vitamins everyday, I was sick of using the same old ugly drugstore pillbox that’s been around for ages. Sometimes it’s the little things like my favorite color (mint!) that can brighten a dull recurring moment. I also love that they have customizable tabs for anything from “Heart” to “Allergy” to “Birth Control.” So I can have my classic Monday-Sunday box, and another to take on vacation for excess meds I may need (no need to take 7 full bottles or waste plastic ziplocs!) Port + Polish is also certified plastic neutral, and donate a percent of sales to different meaningful charities.
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