Foaming Hand Soap Starter Kit


PETAL Foaming Hand Soap Starter Kit_Color

Pair one of the refillable Petal aluminum bottles with 4 full refills of this great smelling, effective and natural hand soap. Every pod is designed to create one bottle of 8.5 ounces of hand soap. Petal pods are plant-derived, vegan, natural, and non-toxic.

Scent: Lemongrass

About Petal :
Petal offers soap that is not only good for your hands but also good for the environment. All petal soaps are refillable, natural, zero-waste foaming hand soap.
Why we 🤍 them:
We love Petal because they allow you to clean your hands and the planet at the same time. They understand that it’s the little things you do in your everyday life that can have an enormous impact on the earth. Beginning from a simple concept that removing water from soap would reduce packaging and shipping waste, they have built into a brand that values sustainability at their core. Plus, you don’t have to worry about drying your hands out as their formulas feature grapeseed oil to keep skin soft, smooth, and moisturized!
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