Outdoor Adventure Kit


Stay comfy on life’s adventures - keep pesky bugs at bay with the best natural repellent, if you get bitten our mighty little roller takes away the itch & the ouch, keep your face protected with non-nano zinc, and your lips soft with tingle tinged lip balm.

Includes: Stay Away Spray, Bite Tamer, Surf Mud, Cooling Lips

About Eir NYC :
Eir NYC was born among the Montauk surf community as a better, greener alternative to drugstore wellness. What initially began as a passion project searching for all-natural remedies, soon grew into a communal appreciation of functional skincare products. Moving beyond its roots, Eir NYC quickly grew past the shores of Montauk to reach a wider audience of like-minded active people. Today, Eir NYC continues to create thoughtfully made, small-batch skincare products without compromise.
Why we 🤍 them:
We love Eir NYC because they create “skincare for active bodies and mindful spirits”. Rather than a beauty brand, they think of themselves as a wellness brand and provide solutions that are perfect for people who lead active lifestyles. While their products will cleanse your skin, soften and repair, protect from the elements, and soothe fatigued muscles, their main focus is to help make you feel better and make your life more holistic, balanced, and happier. We love that Eir NYC’s ingredients are all natural and partially wild-harvested, and that they always use highly efficacious herbs and essential oils to care for skin, soothe muscles, and lift mood. We also love that they’re constantly giving away products to various hospitals and charities.
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