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This organic chai is a distinctly unique Onyx blend that starts with a base of single estate black tea from Iyerpadi Estate, one of the highest tea estates in the world nestled in the Nilgiris, the "Blue Mountains" of Southern India. The featured spices include ginger root, cinnamon, cardamom pods, clove, lemon-grass, and Gochugaru, a sun-dried Korean red pepper.

The brewed tea is a balance of savory heat and warm sweetness, producing the ultimate cup of chai with a full body and delicate lingering spice notes. Very enjoyable on its own and comforting when paired with your favorite milk.

  • Origin: Nilgiri Mountains, Southern India
  • Process: Fully Oxidized, Fired
  • Caffeine: 50mg
  • Cup Notes: Ginger, Chestnut, Red Pepper, Malt
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