Next Level Workout Bundle


Get fit and have fun at the same time, with the most effective home gym.

This bundle gives you the essentials you need to start your journey. Track your progress, compete against others, and get access to on-demand workouts led by expert trainers.



  • Premium training gloves that are 100% hand-made, ultra comfortable, and super durable.
  • Real-time metrics: watch your punch count climb and track your progress
  • Get competitive: battle your friends or beat your previous scores
Quick Wraps:
  • Keep your trackers secure with a handle little pocket
  • Slip on a go: no fuss to start your workout, wrap your hands faster than ever
  • Gel padding in key places to soften the blow
1-Year Membership:
  • Unlimited streaming: on-demand workouts, with thousands available now, and 12+ workouts added weekly.
  • Trainers you’ll love, with workouts designed and led by real fighters who motivate you
  • Stronger together: create unlimited profiles on your account to get the whole family involved
About FightCamp:
Getting stronger is hard work. FighCamp makes it fun. At FightCamp, you don’t just box to get fit, you box to improve your life. They have designed their products and program to help you develop confidence and strength, both mentally and physically. FightCamp has created cutting-edge sensors with advanced punch recognition, and elite trainers to create the most effective home workout. Through fighter-style training, you’ll train like a pro with workouts designed to push you to your limits. The workouts are built and led by real-life fighters, who have put it all on the line and know what it takes to become a champion.
Why we 🤍 them:
We love FightCamp because of their completely innovative take to improving your lives in a well rounded way. Not only do they help you become physically stronger, but they know that improving your mental well being through mental conviction and self-assurance is equally as important. Their values are rooted in traditional boxing culture, with a strong belief in fighting through adversity and building consistent habits. Their core principles are centered around empathy, authenticity, courage, and a growth mindset - all things that Maavee can get behind. Lastly, they work with a variety of different charities, military organizations, and youth organizations to give back through both money and product donations, and have an internal policy around equality to ensure their staff is a diverse group.
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