Dr. Kerklaan Therapeutics

Natural CBD Relief Bundle


This bundle contains: 

- One Natural CBD Relief Cream: 2oz Topical cream that provides a cooling sensation for long-lasting relief. With: Eucalyptus, lavender, and peppermint essential oils.

- One Natural CBD Relief Spray: 2oz Formulated to provide localized relief and a quick and easy application over target areas. The quick-dry formulation leaves a cooling sensation on the skin and provides lasting relief.

About Dr. Kerklaan Therapeutics :
Health and Wellness is not new to Dr. Kerklaan. For 20 years, patients sought his help and expertise to feel better, naturally. Dr Kerklaan's range of CBD products are an extension of his time in practice that people can benefit outside the walls of his clinic. Dr. Kerklaan’s hemp-based CBD products offer simple solutions to common problems such as sleep, skin and pms issues, to help you live an active and healthy life. All products are natural, effective and plant-based.
Why we 🤍 them:
We love Dr. Kerklaan Therapeutics because their health-promoting chemical-and-pesticide-free products use hemp as a source of fiber and natural health compounds which offers tremendous positive environmental impact and reduces waste. In addition, Dr. Kerklaan ensures ethical labor by visiting every field and factory and having a relationship with their farmers. The company is entirely US based and CGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice) certified by the FDA. We also love that Dr. Kerklaan donates their amazing products to groups in need, like essential workers during the COVID pandemic.
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