My Happi Compact Air Purifier


My Happi is your go-to for compact purification. Pick it up and plug it in by your bedside, at your desk, or in your living room. You’ll sometimes look up, remember how Happi is fighting a quiet crusade against microscopic pollutants, and take a nice deep breath.

  • 5-filter technology that cleans the air within 500 square feet
  • An easy 3-button control panel
  • A 4-color, LED smart display to monitor air quality in real time
  • 3 speeds, including night mode for the quietest, most energy-efficient clean at just 28 decibels
  • Filter replacement alerts
  • Happi packaging transitioning from 150 to 500 sq. ft. to reflect the same CADR based on the new calculation of air changing 1.1 times per hour in a room with a ceiling height of 8 ft.
  • Removable power cord
  • 1 Happi filter (6-month life span)
About Happi :
Happi is more than just an air purifier. Happi believes that life is so much better when we focus on what makes us happy, and not worry about the air we breathe. That’s why they created Happi: to enhance your everyday life, without getting in the way. After spending thousands of hours researching, developing, and testing their methodology, Happi created the most affordable, high-quality, true HEPA air purifier out there. Their smart sensor automatically starts cleaning the particles in the air the second they’re detected, capturing allergens, dust, pet dander, and 99.8% of 0.03 microns and above. Now you can finally breathe Happi!
Why we 🤍 them:
We love Happi because they make it easy and stress free to breathe the sometimes yucky air around us. The smart display sensor monitors air quality, temperature, and humidity, all in real time, so I can literally see the benefits as they’re happening. They have multiple speeds and features including night mode for the quietest functionality, and it turns off and on automatically to save energy. Plus, as trees are ‘nature's air purifiers’, they plant a tree with every unit sold.
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