Mood B Complete


Get support for energy, positive mood, nutrient depletion, and mental clarity with a comprehensive blend of super absorbable methylated B complex vitamins and co-factors.


  • Methylated B-Vitamins to lower anxiousness & energy metabolism
  • Co-factors for optimal neurotransmitter function & a healthy nervous system
  • 9 essential nutrients your brain needs to optimize your mood
  • Support nervous system health
  • Highly absorbable: B-vitamins in methylated form for faster effect
  • Formulated by Neuroscientists and Nutritional Psychiatrists
What to expect:
  • Day 1: Increased alertness & energy
  • Day 30: You may notice better moods, increased mental clarity, and no more cold hands and feet!
  • Day 60: Fatigue who? Energy levels stay consistent all day (no more afternoon crash!)
  • Day 90: When’s the last time you felt this good? High energy, clear and bright skin and
Learn more about Vitamin B:
B vitamins are essential for many bodily functions. They play a role in nervous system health, mental health, immune system health, metabolism & energy production, and more. It is estimated that around 40% of people have an MTHFR gene mutation, which impacts your ability to effectively absorb and utilize B vitamins, so it’s important to supplement with methylated B vitamins.

Who should take Vitamin B/People at risk for B vitamin deficiency or suboptimal levels are:
  • People on plant-based diets (vegan, vegetarian, etc.)
  • People with the MTHFR gene mutation
  • Elderly people
  • Pregnant people
  • Babies of vegan mothers
  • Certain conditions like Crohn’s disease, Celiac disease, HIV, and alcoholism can prevent the body from absorbing B vitamins effectively and can increase risk of deficiency
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