Palliative Care & Guidance


Support and guidance for patients and caregivers who are navigating serious illness

Choices about your health can be overwhelming. Whether you, or someone close to you, is gearing up for the fight of their life, looking for peace, or just trying to navigate the healthcare system, Mettle Health are here to help.

They can’t change a diagnosis, but they can help you find ways to live with it.

Too often, people are left to plan for the future without a roadmap. Their team of doctors, nurses, social workers and chaplains provide hour-long confidential consultations to help you reframe the way you think about the road ahead, for yourself, or someone you’re caring for. Mettle Health deal with issues ranging from the practical, to the emotional, to the existential.

They call it praxistential care


Book a session for yourself and a Mettle Health counselor, or include a trusted family member, or friend in your consultation. Any and all topics are up for discussion: managing an illness, dealing with grief, or maybe you’re not sure what you need, but know you need something, Mettle Health can help.

About Mettle Health:
Mettle Health was co-founded by BJ Miller, MD and Sonya Dolan, who saw a serious need for deeper conversations that guide and support patients and caregivers through the human aspects of living with illness and grief that healthcare just wasn't set up to handle. Between them, they have decades of experience caring for patients and caregivers dealing with aging, serious illness and the end of life and they understand the positive effects that candid, educational and loving conversations can have for patients and caregivers alike. BJ and Sonya believe that palliative care should be accessible to everyone and started Mettle Health to make that a reality.
Why we 🤍 them:
BJ and Sonya understand the positive effects that candid and loving conversations can have for patients and caregivers. They are passionate about palliative care and they use their voice to make it more readily available to the public. They’re also both incredibly honest and fun to talk to, which makes a big difference!
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