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Manta Notebook for Cancer Patients & Caregivers


The Manta Notebook is an easy-to-use journal to take to your medical appointments. This companion medical notebook offers structured templates for you to prepare your questions, report your symptoms, take notes, and document next steps in your health journey.

It is a discreet, easy to use, and compact companion for individuals managing complicated medical or health issues. Plus, a structured way to prepare and stay organized over one’s healthcare.

The minimalist and modern journal encourages writing and advocating for oneself. Manta Notebook was created by a cancer survivor who needed a tool to stay organized during her treatment. This compact, sleek and private notebook is recommended by medical professionals and loved by patient advocacy organizations. Patients with diabetes, ALS, heart disease or those recovering from surgery use it today. Caregivers for patients with Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, and Dementia use it to stay organized over their loved one’s care. Manta Notebook helps you create a baseline, document symptoms, and keep all your notes in one place.

What's inside:

  • Structured onboarding to create a health baseline
  • Medical condition log to record your medical diagnosis
  • Templates to guide decision making for treatment options
  • Structured pre-appointment, at-appointment, and post-appointment note-taking templates
  • Symptom tracker and management log
About Manta Cares :
Manta Cares is on a mission to make the cancer experience just a little easier. They are a global community of cancer caregivers and survivors. Together they design tools, content, and services to help one another heal and grow. Their commitment to making the cancer experience easier extends to their content as well. Their podcast The Patient from Hell and their newsletter offers free, curated information from the world's best experts.
Why we 🤍 them:
We love Manta Cares because they have grown from experience. They are both survivors and caregivers, who have lived the experience, with a mission to use that learned insight into making the journey, whatever that may be, a bit easier. They really make it feel like they are there with you in the process. They’ve created a beautiful toolbox of products, services, content, and support, to help you along in your journey. We love that they don’t shy away from the medical side, but they also make it a point to check in with you and your heart and soul along the way. On top of their effective product and services, they also work with a certified women-owned small business for their printing, have partnered with over 30 nonprofits and foundations in the oncology space, and have a clear commitment to DEI.
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