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Say goodbye to the generic gift card and hello to the gift that keeps on giving. Give Maavee to anyone you choose including cash to spend along their personal wellness journey. Simply choose the amount of Maavee Cash that you wish to give and checkout. (See service activation instructions below for more details.)
About Maavee:
Maavee is a mobile app designed to support one's lifelong aspiration to be well and to discover the best of wellness along the way. Through a combination of content to inform and inspire, community for connection and support, and a marketplace of hyper-curated wellness products and services from brands doing good in the world, Maavee is where wellness journeys unfold for people, companies, and communities.
Why we 🤍 them:
We are them! But in all seriousness...Maavee exists to positively impact the world through the pursuit of well-being. We do this in a variety of ways including: bringing social responsibility and good citizenship into the wellness journey, helping our brand partners (that are already doing good in the world) to accelerate both business and social impact, and building features that help our users to give back, among others. We intend to create a global movement that makes well-being more accessible while making the world a better place. Join the Maavee movement!
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