Mindful Running Coach


Lupa Run. With you, WHILE you run.

Thanks to their advanced real-time coaching technology, the Lupa coach will guide you in real-time to achieve any wellbeing or performance goals you may have. Lupa understands your needs and adapts as you move.

With their premium membership, you will:

  • Experience the most advanced coaching technology for a truly hyper-personalised running experience.
  • Monitor real-time pacing based on your goal.
  • Set goals, visualise your progress and set a weekly schedule.
  • Access the best running experiences and courses on the platform, including CouchTo5k and 10k plans that adapt to you as you run.

Whether you run 2k or 20k, whether you seek headspace or performance. Lupa is with you, because we know that running is a lifelong practice.

This offering is for a 12 month subscription to Lupa Run.
About Lupa Run:
Lupa is the smartest personal running coach that is there besides you while you run. It's like having the best personal running coach with you at any time!
Why we 🤍 them:
We love Lupa because they are building a running community focused on diversity and inclusion. Lupa has also created purpose-driven campaigns like "Run for Mindfulness" and "Move 4 Earth".
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