Pink Moon

Lunar Gardens Perfume Oil Set


Every perfume oil is blessed with reiki by Reiki Master Jackie Ho and is energetically charged with one-of-a-kind crystals.

Midnight Melody: Dreamy, delicate, and floral, this perfume oil with energetically charged amethyst is intended to calm the mind and help you channel higher consciousness. Scent is a delicate bouquet of tuberose with a hint of creamy ylang-ylang, uplifting sweet orange, warm + grounding amber, and herbaceous petitgrain.
Amethyst properties: enhances psychic abilities, higher consciousness, and tranquility, especially for sleep and dreams.

Over the Moon: Earthy, floral, and rosy, this perfume oil with energetically charged rose quartz is intended to call in unconditional love, self-compassion, and heart healing. Scent is a delicate yet complex, floral aroma that is grounded in a distinct earthiness: neroli, rose, palmarosa, and sandalwood.
Rose quartz is the universal crystal for unconditional love, self-compassion, and emotional (heart) healing.

Sweet Sunshine: Bright, vibrant, and uplifting, this perfume oil with energetically charged yellow topaz is intended to capture the enlivening + uplifting nature of the sun. Bright orange and mandarin red essential oils are balanced with fresh lavender and rosemary + earthy cedarwood.
Features yellow topaz crystal rollerball and gemstones inside the bottle: Yellow topaz properties: growth, protection, abundance, creativity, and harmony.

About Pink Moon :
Pink Moon is a female-founded socially impactful brand and platform that merges emotional health and self-love with beauty. They focus on cultivating genuine self-love through thoughtfully-created products. Every single product is made to be multi-purpose because they are true believers that less is more.
Why we 🤍 them:
I love Pink Moon because they’re far more than a skincare brand. They have created a beautiful platform centered around impact, compassion, inclusivity, and mindful intention. Their commitment goes beyond great products and revolves around bringing the consumer into the environmental and social justice journey they have as well. They work with EcoCart to make all orders carbon neutral (with over 66k lbs of CO2 offset), and donate 1% of all revenue to charities that match their ethos such as The Loveland Foundation and Womankind. They also have incredible workshops led by a diverse team of women to educate on topics such as traditional Korean medicine, emotional health & sleep, holistic rituals, and more!
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