Zealandia Honey

Honey - Rose Gold Label


Zealandia's premium honey is crafted by using the nectar of the native manuka tree that grows wild throughout the rugged landscape of New Zealand.

A lifestyle product to use on a daily basis, this Mānuka honey is darker and amber in colour due to the higher amount of polyphenols. It has a stronger flavour with woody and caramel characteristics.

About Zealandia Honey :
Zealandia Honey is a small business founded with the philosophy, “Together we grow”. They work together with their team of trusted beekeepers who are an integral part of making their premium honey. Zealandia Honey takes the utmost care in making a superior quality product by emphasizing on small batch production and transparency in the supply chain. All of the honeys are single origin, have intense flavors and creamed to perfection so that you too can experience the joy of these hand-crafted honeys
Why we 🤍 them:
We love Zealandia Honey not just because of the growing benefits that manuka honey has, from immunity-boosting to antiviral, but because of how they run their business. They are a family founded brand that believes honey should always be authentic, fair trade, and sustainable. The name Zealandia actually came from the submerged continent that New Zealand is part of, called Zealandia, and described as a new paradise. All of their honey follows a Track & Trace system providing verification for quality, purity, and authenticity through QR code, and the honey is from Aotearoa, New Zealand, which gives their trusted beekeepers the opportunity to have their hives in some of the most remote regions of the country, untouched by human interference and harmful products.
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