Ariana Ost

Healing Crystal Bath Immersion Kit


Ariana Ost offers pure ethically sourced massive sized crystals to soak in your bath with. How luxurious is it to have the opportunity to soak in crystals! Comes packaged in a gorgeous magnetic rose gold foil keepsake box.

Pamper yourself with minerals from the earth, as mother nature knows best. Our bodies foundational elements are composed of water and crystal (found in our bones, connective tissue, pineal gland, etc.), so we are essentially immersing our body back into its compositional source when taking a crystal bath.

Crystals have amazing healing properties and when exposed to water, the vibration causes the water molecules take on the energetic patterns that the crystals offer. The concept is like bathing salts, but with even more powerful effects.

Indulging in the art of self-care has the power to make us feel worthy, loved and special, so take the opportunity to soak yourself in the ultimate bathing ritual ceremony with healing crystals.

-When you soak in your bath your body will resonate with the healing crystal frequency patterns associated with each stone.
-Allow each stone and its essence to resonate with you. Crystals are energy conductors, they communicate and carry information that we can absorb and emit.
-Each crystal oscillates a unique frequency based on its mineral composition and will structure the bath water into sacred energetic patterns.

Amethyst - for dreams and anxiety reduction
Zebra Calcite - for balance and stability
2 Rose Quartz - for peace and love (1 to hold in each hand during your bath to take in all the self loving energy)
Quartz - for strength, energy and light
Citrine - for joy and abundance

About Ariana Ost :
Ariana Ost is a design atelier based in New York City, whose mission is to elevate the everyday by creating decorative objects infused with soul, conviction and healing energy. Their purpose is to fill a whitespace in the wellness market for decor with a contemporary aesthetic and resonance with mindfulness. They are a lifestyle brand that thrives on elevating the everyday experience and creating objects to be cherished as modern day heirlooms. Each handcrafted item is sentimental and gives you the opportunity to make your own story.
Why we 🤍 them:
I love Ariana Ost because their intentional products truly create an aura of mindfulness and calm within any room. They combined the world of wellness and the power of natural healing to create anything from crystal grids to wall hangings to sound healing kits (my personal favorite.) They also do a wonderful job at educating people like me on the benefits and powers of each individual crystal type they use, such as clear quartz for strength and power!
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