Hand Cream


A velvety soft cream that absorbs instantly to treat even the driest hands. Non-greasy yet intensely moisturizing, hands feel nourished and protected all day. Board-certified dermatologist tested.

  • Australian hibiscus flower extract to hydrate and protect
  • Shea butter to soften
  • Fermented micro algae oil to repair and nourish
Fragrance Notes:
Steeped Rose: An unadulterated floral that captures the uplifting character of its namesake bloom. Instantly fill your space with dozens of freshly cut roses—stems, thorns, and all.
  • Key Notes:Upcycled rosewater*, Egyptian geranium oil*,Comorian ylang-ylang oil*, Guiacwood, touch of Vanilla
Neroli Leaf: Crisp and bright, a blend of sparkling apple and neroli blossoms, crushed basil leaves, and jasmine petals. Recalls a grove of flowering citrus trees.
  • Key Notes: Upcycled apple oil*, Brazilian green mandarin oil, North African orange flower*, Sheer jasmine petals, A touch of creamy vanilla
Cipres Mint: A heady, aromatic blend of invigorating green herbs steeped with sugar and a touch of crisp citrus and earthy woods. Inspired by the unmistakable scent of Moroccan mint tea.
  • Key Notes: Chinese eucalyptus oil*, Spearmint, Black Tea, Texan white cedarwood*, Dried Indian papyrus*
Cece: Cedarwood smoke, sweet cardamom, cinnamon, and white leather. Grounded, mysterious, and addictive—our founder's signature.
  • Key Notes: Guatemalan cardamom*, Dried mate absolute leaves*, Sri Lankan cinnamon*, Carrot seeds and leaves, Indonesian patchouli oil*, Vetiver oil*
Mandarin Basile: Notes of sparkling mandarin, fresh green basil and ripe fig. Recalls an uplifting and vibrant walk in the herb garden.
  • Key Notes: Mandarin Peel, Nigerian Ginger, Egyptian Basil, Fig Leaves
*Indicates eco-friendly and/or sustainably sourced ingredients
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