GOpure Pet & Pod Combo Pack - Water Purifier


Just drop the GOpure Pod into tap water and millions of microscopic pores go to work. The ceramic pod acts as a magnet to attract impurities, while releasing valuable trace minerals and balancing the pH to an optimal levelof 7.4.

The GOpure Pod immediately begins to eliminate up to 99.3% of heavy metals like lead and arsenic and up to 93% of inorganics like chlorine and flouride. GOpure also eliminates up to 99.9% of bacteria like e.coli.

The GOpure Pet provides clean, great tasting water so your pet will drink more water. GOpure eliminates bacteria so that slimy water bowl will always be clean and fresh. The GOpure Pet comes with housing that contains suction cups to protect pets from ingesting the Pod.

The combo pack comes with one regular GOpure Pod and one Pet GOpure Pod.

About GOpure :
GOpure is a portable, environmentally friendly water purification pod that keeps drinking water clean and safe, while also greatly improving taste within seconds. Contaminants found in ordinary drinking water are neutralized and the pH balance is optimized for healthy hydration. The high porosity surface area of the ceramic core carries millions of negatively charged binding sites, which attract and adsorb heavy metals along with other chemical or organic impurities , including bacteria. The GOpure Pod is the perfect solution for clean, great tasting water anywhere and anytime. Using one GOpure Pod in a personal re-usable bottle replaces 2,000 single-use water bottles with zero plastic waste.
Why we 🤍 them:
We love GOpure because their filtration pods give you the ability to purify wherever you might be. Every faucet, sink, hose, fountain, and more, becomes your personal drinking water! The inside of the pod is made from the most incredible, unlimited, and renewable resource directly from the earth, called diatomaceous earth - it’s basically nature’s perfect filter. Not to mention all the plastic you’re saving from avoiding plastic disposable bottles (specifically 2,000 per pod!)!
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