Dr. Wendy Suzuki

Good Anxiety


Harnessing the power of the most misunderstood emotion.
Author: Dr. Wendy Suzuki, with Billie Fitzpatrick

In Good Anxiety, Dr. Wendy Suzuki uses new and established neuroscience to help readers harness their fears to feel better, think better, and do better.

Popular science suggests that this persistent, low-level anxiety is detrimental to our health, performance, and wellbeing. But what if our preoccupation with avoiding anxiety is costing us something? What if we could learn how to harness the brain activation underlying our anxiety and make it work for us, turning it into superpowers?

In Good Anxiety, Dr. Wendy Suzuki unpacks the cutting-edge science that will help readers channel their anxiety for positive outcomes. This shift from bad to good anxiety accelerates focus and productivity, boosts performance, creates compassion, and fosters more creativity. These are some of the superpowers that come from learning how to channel good anxiety, making it infinitely more valuable than bad anxiety or even no anxiety at all!

Accessible, insightful, and life-changing, Good Anxiety, will transform our understanding and experience of everyday anxiety forever.
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