Airplane Tray Cover


These beautifully designed Go-Be airplane tray covers slip onto nearly every size tray table, whether you’re on a bus or a train, to offer an extra layer of protection against germs. Two covers come in our unique patented case, so they always stay fresh for round trips or layovers.
The covers are dishwasher-safe, 100% recyclable, and made from a fiber created out of recycled plastic bottles.

About Go-Be :
Airplane tray tables are covered in germs! In fact, numerous studies have found that the tray table is the germiest part of the plane! Go-Be wants travelers to lose the fear and enjoy the journey. Single-use disinfectant wipes are an environmental nightmare, filling our landfills and oceans. Go-Be is the answer! Founded by two women, Go-Be is for those who yearn to "go be" adventurous without compromise. They are the only brand to make an antimicrobial airplane tray cover that is reusable, washable, made entirely in the US, and created out of a fiber made from recycled plastic bottles.
Why we 🤍 them:
Did you know that an airplane tray table is typically eight times germier than an airplane's toilet flush button? We love Go-Be because they’ve solved this problem for travelers: HeiQ, the antimicrobial technology embedded in each of their sleeves, prohibits the growth of microorganisms and bacteria on the fabric surface. Go-Be’s patented, fully recyclable honeycomb case tethers to any carry-on and always keeps sleeves fresh. Plus, their products are shipped in recycled, recyclable, eco-friendly packaging. Go-Be is committed to supporting Ocean Conservancy by donating a portion of our profits to their organization to help mitigate the ocean plastic crisis. We love Go-Be because this indie brand represents sustainability, unity, self-expression, and authenticity.
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